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How to Prepare for a New and Bigger Turbo

Do you consider yourself to be a spirited driver and someone who likes to explore those twisty byways on a weekend? If so, you may already have a sporty car fitted with an upgraded suspension, nice wheels and tyres and a turbocharger. Yet this turbo is a standard item fitted by the factory and may not produce enough power for your liking. You know that you can buy a larger turbo for this vehicle, but what do you need to do first in order to ensure that you can maximise its output?

Initial Modifications

Certainly, you can bolt a new turbocharger to your car if the component in question has been specifically designed to work with your make and model. Still, you'll want to take maximum advantage of this and will need to make some other modifications first

Back Exhaust

For example, fit a larger exhaust system to help the new turbo breathe more easily. The quicker you can get rid of those exhaust gases, the better, as this will avoid the buildup of any pressure, which could stifle the engine and hold back its power.


Secondly, consider fitting a front-mounted intercooler. Your vehicle may not be equipped with an intercooler at all, and if you're going to get full power out of your new turbocharger, you will definitely need to get one. Front-mounted versions are more efficient, as they can be cooled more easily, and this will allow your turbocharger to provide you with maximum boost.

Boost Controller

You should also get a new boost controller and ideally an electronic version. This can be adjusted to match your new turbo and can then be mapped to your ECU, once the new installation is complete.

Clutch and Flywheel

Before you take the next step, think about your engine capability. If you're sure that the clutch and flywheel are capable of handling the extra power, then you should be good to go; otherwise, you may need to upgrade some of those components too.

Turbo and Wastegate

Now you can fit the turbo upgrade. Consider buying a modified wastegate at the same time, as this can certainly help with performance. You can choose between an external or internal wastegate depending on the configuration of your engine bay. Remember to match everything with your new back exhaust.

Tune It Up

Finally, think about allocating some money towards tuning. Once you've made all those upgrades and invested your money in a brand-new turbocharger, you'll want to get maximum performance when you head out on the highway.

Contact an auto parts supplier if you would like to buy a turbo charger for your car.