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Auto Parts: How to Get a Fab Deal

Yo! My name is Steve and I'm here to educate you about the art of buying auto parts. When it comes to buying new and used auto parts, my friend Dan knows how to get a good deal. Dan has worked in the auto parts industry for many years, so he is a real expert. When I was repairing my car, I gave Dan a call and asked him for all the advice he could give me. Dan came around to my house and spent the afternoon telling me everything I needed to know about this subject. I'm now going to pass this info onto you.



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4 Signs Your Car Battery Is Failing

A good-quality car battery is essential if you don't want to be worrying about reliably travelling from A to B. When you start your car's ignition, an electrical charge is generated and sent from the battery to the starter motor. If your battery is in good working condition, the engine will crank, and the car is ready to drive. However, a dead battery will leave the car powerless. There are usually early warning signs your car battery is failing, and being aware of what these signs are can give you the opportunity to replace your battery before it's completely worn out and your car won't start. Read More 

How to Prepare for the Unexpected Before You Set Off on Your Road Trip

As summertime gets ever closer, you may be dreaming about your annual holiday and how you will take your family on a long road trip to the other side of the country. You'll be visiting some relatives, spending some time on the beach and just relaxing so you can get rid of all the pressures and stresses of everyday life. You will, of course, need to prepare for the journey and make sure that your vehicle is fit for the lengthy trip, and you've got to be prepared for the unexpected as well. Read More 

Could Your Vehicle Be Over the Weight Limit Without You Knowing?

If you decided that your life was too mundane and, you might have discussed it with your buddies and vowed to make a change. Consequently, you're ready for a long weekend in the outback with these friends as your first step towards a more exciting and less predictable life. You've bought a new SUV for your off-road excursion, have loaded up the supplies and all necessary resources and are almost ready to go. Read More 

How to Prepare for a New and Bigger Turbo

Do you consider yourself to be a spirited driver and someone who likes to explore those twisty byways on a weekend? If so, you may already have a sporty car fitted with an upgraded suspension, nice wheels and tyres and a turbocharger. Yet this turbo is a standard item fitted by the factory and may not produce enough power for your liking. You know that you can buy a larger turbo for this vehicle, but what do you need to do first in order to ensure that you can maximise its output? Read More 

Should You Fit Newer and More Efficient Radiators to Your Heavy-Duty Truck?

If you have a heavy-duty truck that is designed to haul a considerable load, you know that you need to pay special attention to its cooling. You're working in an environment that is known for oppressive heat as it is, so the vehicle will undoubtedly generate a lot of energy when it is fully laden and working under pressure. You need to make sure that your cooling system is as efficient as possible, and you must pay most attention of all to the quality of the radiator. Read More