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Top Signs Your Vehicle Might Need New Common Rail Injectors

Although you might be familiar with some of the more commonly known mechanical parts of your vehicle, you might not know much about common rail injectors. However, your vehicle's common rail injectors are important components that help supply your vehicle's engine with the fuel that it needs in order to run properly. If you own a car, then you should learn how to watch out for the signs that your vehicle might need new common rail injectors since there might be a chance that you will need to have them replaced at some point. These are a few top signs that you should watch out for.

Your Vehicle Is Misfiring

When a vehicle misfires, this means that one or more of the cylinders of the vehicle is not getting the combustion that it needs. As a driver, you might notice that your vehicle has a misfire if it feels like it hesitates to start or if it begins shaking while it's running. If you notice this is an issue with your vehicle, it might be because your vehicle needs new common rail injectors.

Your Vehicle Is Putting Out Black Smoke

Seeing a little bit of white or grey smoke come out of your vehicle's tailpipe when you first start it up isn't always the indication of a problem, especially if it stops pretty quickly. However, if you notice black smoke, this might be more of a concern. Black smoke coming out of your vehicle's tailpipe can be an indication of a variety of problems, including the possibility that your vehicle needs new common rail injectors.

Your Vehicle's Check Engine Light Is On

There are many things that can cause your vehicle's check engine light to turn on, including simple things like not screwing on your gas cap all the way. However, problems with your common rail injectors are yet another thing that can cause your check engine light to turn on, so if you have noticed your check engine light while also noticing some of these other signs, then this might be yet another indication that it is your common rail injectors that need to be replaced.

Your Vehicle Isn't Getting Good Fuel Efficiency

You might have noticed that you have to put gas in your car a lot more often, and you could be wondering why. Faulty common rail injectors can cause your vehicle to operate in a less than efficient manner, so this is something that you may want to have checked out.

Reach out to a professional for more information about common rail injectors