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Did You Know That Key Parts of Your Car Can Be Recycled?

In some parts of the world, governments insist that almost all the parts of a typical car are recycled. Major manufacturers step up to the plate and direct end of life vehicles through an approved dismantling facility in order to comply. So, if you're looking for replacement parts for your current vehicle, this may be good news for you as you may be able to pick up some of these parts at a more favourable price. Crucially, you will be doing your bit for the environment, but what type of parts could you pick up through this approach?

Separating the Parts

Of course, many components of an old car will need to be crushed or dismantled into their constituent parts so that they can be sent on to other industries and used in different ways. Still, the major manufacturers design their vehicles in such a way that specific components can be refurbished and brought back close to their original state.

Recycling Capability

The manufacturers can often reuse key parts from the drivetrain and steering systems unless the vehicle has been significantly damaged in something like a fire. When these parts have been identified in relatively good condition, they can be reused and will find their way back into the market once they have been appropriately renovated.

How This Works

You may be experiencing a problem with your steering mechanism and are in need of replacement parts. You may have an issue with your steering rack, power steering pump, or any other ancillaries that make this system work. In this case, you may well be able to get recycled parts instead of buying something that has been made from scratch. You can be sure that it will have been thoroughly checked over. Any worn parts will be repaired, while degradable components like bushes or o-rings will be replaced with new ones. Once reassembled, the finished component will be checked once again to make sure that it is in full working order. These parts are not released to the marketplace until the engineers are sure that they represent good value for money and will perform their tasks as required going forward.

Making the Shrewd Decision

It's good to know that there are options when it comes to replacing car parts, and some components can be swapped out with a piece that has been recycled instead. This will typically cost you less than buying something brand-new, and you will be helping to reduce the size of your motoring carbon footprint.

If you need spare parts for your vehicle, such as Toyota recycled car parts, reach out to an auto parts store in your area.