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Why Many People Prefer Electric Power Steering

In the past, motorists had two choices to opt from when it comes to power steering. They had to either choose electric power steering or a hydraulic system. However, electric power steering is increasingly replacing the hydraulic one in today's modern vehicles. It is the kind of technology that is quickly banishing hydraulic power steering into the books of history as it is highly becoming more common and in high demand in most of the modern-day cars. But why do the automakers prefer electric power steering to any other type of power steering, and why is it essential in the time to come vehicles? Below are some of the answers to these questions.

Does Not Require Any Fluid

One of the many reasons why you should fall in love with electric power steering is that you do not need to change the liquid when you go for your car servicing. Therefore, it is possible to save much throughout your car's life span. With older power steering systems, people were required to exchange the fluids at intervals of not more than 30K miles.

Light to Use

Electric power steering is lighter to use than any other power steering system. Consequently, you will need less muscle to turn the wheel. The attribute makes it easy for a vehicle to exit under challenging situations, such as parking manoeuvres at low speed.

Fuel Saving

Traditional power systems worked through a pump, which is belt driven to make the hydraulic fluid move to the steering gear, and this causes a lot of burden to the engine as opposed to the electric power steering.

Electric power steering enables extra steer adjustability of the performance cars. For instance, you can utilise a sport mode to make the car feel more massive, and you can also use the comfort mode to make it feel lighter. The decision is yours to make.


Electric power steering is less complicated compared to the traditional system since it has fewer parts that are in motion and also because it does not require any fluid. For that reason, there is little chance for breakage or leakage. Therefore, its simplicity makes it reliable.

As mentioned above, electric power steering is attractive since it has lots of benefits which can relieve your stress when it comes to issues such as fuel consumption, weight and complexity. It is no wonder why the car makers are opting for this modern technology and slowly abandoning the older one.