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4 Signs Your Car Battery Is Failing

A good-quality car battery is essential if you don't want to be worrying about reliably travelling from A to B. When you start your car's ignition, an electrical charge is generated and sent from the battery to the starter motor. If your battery is in good working condition, the engine will crank, and the car is ready to drive. However, a dead battery will leave the car powerless. There are usually early warning signs your car battery is failing, and being aware of what these signs are can give you the opportunity to replace your battery before it's completely worn out and your car won't start. Here are four signs your car battery is failing:

1. Electrical Issues

All of the electronics in your car are powered by the battery, and when the battery starts to lose power, you will notice electronics do not work at full capacity. For example, your car lights may appear dim, or your dashboard display may not operate correctly. If you plug anything into your car, such as a phone charger, this will only add strain to an already failing battery and could cause the battery to die faster.

2. Corrosion Of The Terminals

The metal terminals at the top of your car battery can become corroded. Damage to the terminals will prevent the full voltage of your battery's electrical charge reaching the starter motor. It's easy to check whether your battery terminals are corroded, as they will have a white coating around them that cannot be cleaned off.

3. A Foul Smell

If your battery is failing due to being damaged, you may notice a foul smell when you open the bonnet. Damage can be caused by a number of things, such as the battery being exposed to extreme temperatures, and a foul smell akin to rotten eggs is indicative of gas leaking from the battery. When this occurs, the car is not safe to drive, and you should have the battery replaced immediately.

4. Engine Is Slow To Start

The final warning sign of a failing battery is the car engine being slow to start. This happens as a result of the battery having to work harder to generate a powerful enough charge to get the starter motor going. You'll notice there's a short lag from starting the ignition to the engine revving up, and you may also need to start the ignition a few times to get the engine going.

Car batteries typically only last a few years, and it's better to get your battery replaced as soon as you notice signs of it failing to prevent damage to other parts of your car, such as the starter motor burning out due to being under increased strain. Most garages will be happy to inspect your battery for you when carrying out a repair on your car, so get into the habit of getting the battery checked regularly to prevent being stranded with a dead battery.

To learn more about car batteries, contact your local auto shop today.