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Yo! My name is Steve and I'm here to educate you about the art of buying auto parts. When it comes to buying new and used auto parts, my friend Dan knows how to get a good deal. Dan has worked in the auto parts industry for many years, so he is a real expert. When I was repairing my car, I gave Dan a call and asked him for all the advice he could give me. Dan came around to my house and spent the afternoon telling me everything I needed to know about this subject. I'm now going to pass this info onto you.



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Could Your Vehicle Be Over the Weight Limit Without You Knowing?

If you decided that your life was too mundane and, you might have discussed it with your buddies and vowed to make a change. Consequently, you're ready for a long weekend in the outback with these friends as your first step towards a more exciting and less predictable life. You've bought a new SUV for your off-road excursion, have loaded up the supplies and all necessary resources and are almost ready to go. However, before the five of you hit the road, should you pause for a moment and consider what you're doing? Is your vehicle even legal for this epic drive?

Over the Limit

Why is this question valid? After all, you fitted the appropriate wheels and tyres to your vehicle to cope with off-road driving, and it has all the necessary safety features, including a winch and towbar, specially fitted to the front. It's even got an extra spare wheel carrier on the back, just in case you have more than one puncture. Surely, this is enough in terms of preparation?

The problem is that your vehicle is likely overweight and especially when you take into account five passengers and all of their gear. You need to check some figures before you crank the ignition.

Harsh Truth

Inside the driver's door is an identification plate, which will show you the gross vehicle mass of the car. This is a hard limit and tells you how much the vehicle can weigh when it is fully laden and equipped. If your vehicle exceeds this figure as it may well do, then according to Australian Design Rules legislation, it's not road legal.

Scheduling an Upgrade

Obviously, it's not worth the risk, and you should put off your adventure until next weekend. In the meantime, take the vehicle into a repair specialist who will understand the problem and schedule a GVM upgrade. This may include modifications to the suspension to allow the vehicle to deal with any extra weight. Once the work has been completed, they will give you a certificate to detail what has been done and prove that the vehicle is now legal for the road.

Confidence and Conscience

Make sure that the upgraded parts are of the highest quality and capable of dealing with the extra requirements. You'll be able to set off into the unknown with confidence, as well as a clear conscience.

Your Plan

Find a mechanic who specialises in GVM upgrades to start the process and schedule your trip for next week.